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About us

Lello is a boutique wholesaler based in the UK specialising in Children’s Night Lights and Gifts.  The seed for Lello was planted in 2016 when Managing Director Maddy met and worked with Jane Leonard, owner of Australian company Delight Decor which brings the most innovative and beautiful brand designs in the world to customers across Australia and New Zealand.

Inspired by the attention to detail and forward thinking of Delight Decor, UK born Maddy has worked closely with Jane and the Delight Decor team in Australia to be able to bring these beautiful brands to the UK.

Now Lello are excited to launch in the UK and we believe you will love these products as much as we do!

As a wholesaler, we supply to registered business and organisations. Unfortunately we do not sell directly to the public.



Maddy Allen

Hi, I’m Maddy Managing Director of Lello, Mum of 3 children and owner of 2 Aussie cats, a crazy rescue dog and fluffy hamster called Candy!
In 2016 while in Brisbane, Australia I met Jane Leonard owner of Delight Decor.  I immediately fell in love with the products and quickly realised there was something quite special about the care and time that went into sourcing and designing each and every one.  I saw something very special in the way this Australian company committed to their customers at every stage of their journey.

In the UK I have been determined to share these beautiful products and recreate the business ethos I found in Delight Decor.  I believe passionately in every single product we import and can’t wait to meet and work with the wonderful customers in the UK.

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen” - John Wooden

Cécile Bellec

Hi, I am Cécile Lello’s Sales Manager. 

My professional background is in Business to Business sales in the gift industry.  After graduating with a Masters in Business in France, I moved to London where I worked in a range of sales positions, from home fragrance to shoes.  I then moved to the USA, changing my focus to the children and baby industry.  That is where I first met Jane and Maddy at a show in New York and when the time came for me to move back to the UK we were all excited to start Lello and bring the best night lights and gifts to the UK. 

Working in wholesale, I absolutely love creating special relationships with my buyers!  I am so passionate about Lello’s products, I love spending my days finding the best ways for stores in the UK to discover our brand and fall in love with the products as much as me!  By seeing the store, current product ranges, and the store’s clientele in person, I can make better recommendations for buyers.  I pull from my own experiences with baby and children’s products and feedback from buyers to do the very best for my customers.

“Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning” - Gloria Steinem